Breakfast with @Um3azoz

Um3azoz sent a message early yesterday a bit before 8:00AM telling us that the weather is too good for us to be sitting at home and do nothing! She suggested we drop by Zaatar w Zeit at Marina Crescent

I started of with a cup of Joe to kick start my day! The smell alone gave woke me up with an hmmm hmmm so good feeling with that first sip!

Um3azoz ordered Zaatar man’osha, which is one reason why she suggested Zaatar w Zeit! Think white bread slightly bubbly on edges with zataar all over! And yes, I stole a slice 😉 I just cannot resist zaatar <3

I ordered baked eggs, and I asked them to make sure that the yolks were runny… it was made to order. I added salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper on top for the works! It came in with freshly baked thin bread…. delicious!

The weather was so good and Um3azoz’s company was even better that I ordered a cup of tea with mint to add to it all. It was a lovely start up for our morning 😉 Thank you Um3azoz for the random outing! I really enjoyed it


Out total came to around KWD5.200

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