@BMDBakery Attack

Last night my cousin Dana came home with a big bag.. inside of which were few boxes of yummies! Turned out her friends at Bake My Day decided to treat us for a very yummy treat!

The first box I opened was this

Lets take a close look

Now a bit closer

I’d call them cinnamon bombs swimming in a creamy chocolate and sugar glaze sauce! Its a killer! Its very very rich I am warning you! I think Dana laughed at me when I finished it and laid back on the chair, like a winner with a medal lol

I had the dessert at the end… so let me rewind! The pastries! I have tried quite a few of’em! My absolute favorite was the chicken musahhab followed by the glazed roast beef (not sure of the name). The dough used to make the buns is really good! A lot raved about the pizza, but I honestly did not try it – maybe I will today

I also had a bite of the chicken tandoori sandwich… light but spiced well

And another box of sandwiches for the vegetarians 😉 Cheese, falafel, veggies…. you know

Initially we were supposed to hide the boxes to be served with dinner, but when I started taking pictures… everyone attacked! I mean whenever I am done with a box, someone would a grab a sandwich (or two Zoona and I lol)! We seriously attacked those boxes

I don’t think the bakery shop is officially opened, but you can order by calling 99992725 – and you can follow them on Twitter @BMDBakery and Instagram @bmdbakery for more updates and yummy pictures 😉


They are famous for their Balah AlShaam if you’re a fan 😉

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