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My friend Sara N. invited me for lunch at Bice Ristorante, a newly opened Italian restaurant at AlHamra Tower Luxury Center 😉

The staff of the restaurant were very inviting and friendly… very helpful with the menu too. Since I have tried this restaurant in Milan, I asked them about specific dishes…. unfortunately not all items are available in Kuwait 🙁 But I was sure I was in for a yummy meal ahead since this restaurant offers really delicious food

We started of with the bread basket… assorted kinds of bread with sundried tomatoes, spices, and sticks. It came in with three freshly made dipping sauces: olive, pesto, and tomato

Then a complimentary mini appetizer from the chef; mini tiny crab cake, but it was so yummy. The crab cake was served over organic leaves and a drop of a sauce on top

I started of with carpaccio salad. A slice of perforated cheese with mixed greens on top, and a light dressing for the salad side… the carpaccio slices came teased sauce, and some herbs. I added balsamic and olive oil to it and it was delizioso

Sara ordered goat cheese salad, which I forgot to snap a picture of… but she liked it as well. As for main courses, she ordered a baby chicken with a side of veggies. I also forgot to take a picture of the whole dish, but managed to ask her to snap a picture of the side roasted garlic

I love garlic lol, and this is an artistic piece… honestly! Well well well… as for my main course I ordered the spaghetti bolognese cooked al dante

The pasta was really good, and cooked to my preference! The bolognese sauce was amazing!

I must tell you that the portion is small, but was perfect for me since I had the carpaccio salad prior to it! And I polished it off

And by now you know what that means? Right?? Ansam518 Seal of Approval 😀

Bice Restorante is located in AlHamra Tower Luxury Center on the third floor and their tel No. is 22270247

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