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Violet Concept is a Kuwati based concept store dedicated to tailor made watch straps, leather goods, watch boxes, watch winders, jewelry, jewelry trays and boxes, fragrances, home accessories, and MUCH more! Its not your usual kind of store!

As you can see from the pictures, the store inspiration is: Vintage, industrial and linked to the watch world!

It is one of those companies to bring in custom made leather goods and watch straps, all made in France from the finest and most reputed manufacturers. Those products are carefully made with expert attention to details by specialist workshop in France, keeping production limited in order to maintain high end quality and ensure that customers will own a one of a kind, honest, tailor made piece.

Violet Concept Store is proud to be offering the WOLF DESIGNS Collection of watch winders, watch boxes, trays and jewelry boxes. Their patented technology and innovative product design in jewelry cases and watch rotators, has made this family owned business what is today —the market leader.

They are also the first company to bring out to Middle East INGENIOUS straight from London. INGENIOUS jewelry is a collection of great quality, precious looking pieces that will bring a sparkle to any wardrobe without breaking the bank. The aim is to provide supremely feminine and surprisingly affordable pieces that anyone can wear.

They have a range/collection of jewelry made with the black Drusy

More of their INGENIOUS pieces

Love those hanging earrings below

GEODESIS is another brand being sold at the store of home fragrances. It was born in France 15 years ago, from the idea of associating a fragrance with a region of the world. A beautiful idea being nothing without a good product, GEODESIS managed to stand out thanks to the quality of unique home fragrances and exceptional scented candles products.

Another name that you can find in the store is Jacques Lemans for Sports Watch Collection in Silicon and Rubber bracelets.

Oh and this is one of my favorite corners at the store!!! Violet Concept Store is the first store, worldwide (YES! Worldwide), to have displayed the famous ORIGINTIMES Big Block Winder Bugatti.

It is designed around an actual Bugatti Veyron engine block, – BUGATTI EB 16.4 “Veyron”. W-motor, 2 V8 banks 90 degree, 16 cylinders, 4 turbo-chargers, 7.9 liter displacement, 64 valves, 1001 hp engine output and 1.250 Nm torque, maximum speed 406 km/h, 0-300 km/h under 14,0 seconds – fitted here with 16 x ORIGINTIMES. An intuitive touch panel interface allows access control to each of the cylinders by direction, duration, pause, stop and sleep options.

The Big Block Winder being an actual Bugatti Veyron engine block, only certain lucky guys will be able to enjoy. This limited edition luxury toy for the elite is available for sale at VioletConcept Store.

Violet Concept Store introduced in September 2012 MOLARITY WATCH GROUP – MWG in Kuwait. MWG was founded by Canadian Watch Connoisseur Dave Simmons, the founder of ZURINER, together with a fusion of Watches and Fashion Enthusiasts. MWG’s design workshop is located at Vancouver, Canada.

 Love the case

A MWG watch is both a fashion statement, and a precision time piece. Products Exquisite materials and craftsmanship create a product which will stand the test of time with a touch of class.

Other accessories around the store

Oh and I’ve spotted Social Print Studio on mini book magnets thingys

Its a mini catalog of the store! LOVED it

I also ran into Silver Bling Black in the store changing her Cartier watch strap to a custom-made leather on that reads “Made for Silver Bling Black” – a one of a kind strap

They are located in Sanabel AlBabtain Tower and are open from 12pm to 8pm weekdays.

Contact info:

Email [email protected]

Twitter @VIOLET_Concept

Instagram @VIOLET_Concept

Website http://www.violetconceptstore.com

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