earlier this week I was invited by Steam Gym for ladies to pass by and try out the gym with one of their classes, but it conflicted with my workout schedule with my own gym, but they were nice enough to send me pictures to share with my readers

I would love to pass by soon to check it out myself. The design is modern with industrial unfinished touch to it! The colors are vibrant and steam out energy 😉 This is apparently their lockers area


Very citrus-y colors in their branding… the font used is nice too. It fits well with their industrial finishing look

The Gym area

Iced cold water

And here is their brochure with full details *click on it to enlarge*

You can check out His&Hers review here!


For more information you can follow them on Twitter/Instagram @SteamGym – They’re open Saturday to Thursday from 10:00AM to 9:00PM  their address is Alyarmouk- Blc.3- St.3- Gulf Bank Building – Tel: 25335334 – email: [email protected]



1 month 130 kd
3 months 330 kd
6 months 530 kd
12 months 630 kd

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