@NailItSpa Hajj Promo Review

Few days ago I posted about Nail It Hajj Promos and decided to try one out myself! So I went for Promo #3 OPI Mani+Pedi/Whitening Treatment/30 Minutes Reflexology Massage

I kept taking appointments and canceling them because I wasn’t feeling well, so when I finally decided to go yesterday, the receptionist asked me “How are you feeling Ma’am Ansam now? I hope better” I was touched! The customer service and attention they pay to their loyal customers like myself makes me keep going back there. Anyways, I sat in my station, ordered green tea, and waited for my treatment specialist

My specialists were Marie for my Mani and Josephine for my Pedi. Both were great and super sweet. The treatment included scrubbing, mini massage for my hands, foot mask, foot massage, and whitening paste to my nails to relax them after coloring them for so long.  Total time spent there was around 2 hours and 15 minutes! Whitening needs to be applied and then you wait for it to air-dry before taking it off! It feels just like toothpaste, texture and smell-wise. I wanted my nails to look clean and short for Hajj, and when I informed them that I was going to Hajj, they asked me how short do I want to go. I was still sick and coughing, almost slept during my foot massage, then was surprised with dear Marie’s sweet gesture of getting me minty candies for my sore throat!

I left home and went to sleep right away to rest! My nails are clean, whiter, and buffed a bit for a shiny finish effect without nail polish. I recommend this treatment for those going to Hajj or anyone who needs whitening and relaxing time.


For more check out Nail It Website – Blog (Read It) – Facebook – follow them on twitter/instagram @nailitspa – Tel: 22658869 (Hawalli)/22997970 (Arraya)

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