الأرنب الجائع – Hungry Bunny

My cousin M. picked me up for a trip to Jahra City 😉 We were heading for me to have a meal at Hungry Bunny, the most famous burger joint in Kuwait back in the 1980s. Despite all the controversial issues and legalization of this joint now, which reopened with the same exact name/branding/logo by another company with out the permission of the first one, all I was thinking about on our way was the SUPER BUNNY MEAL

And here it is… lazy eyes bunny! Oh how I’ve missed you!

The place was clean and almost empty… things seemed different, with some new meals I am not familiar with, staff spoke fluent Arabic… it was the same but not the same!

Seating areas between table and bar table with stools

One thing I noticed was the not so well branding! Not all staff were wearing uniforms, drinks were given to customers in paper cups with Pepsi logo rather than Hungry Bunny’s.. anyways, I placed my order

I placed my order, I wanted a Super Bunny with curly fries and a bottle of water… it causes some confusion, I mean my bottle of water!! They would still charge me for a meal (burger, fries, and drink) plus water! I dont think they understood that I wanted water for my drink, or maybe that they are not flexible when it comes to water bottles? Anyways… my total came to KWD1.800

My order did not take that long to arrive

And here it is… my Super Bunny burger

Well! It did not taste the same… it just did not register as the Super Bunny I knew! Not that it was bad or anything!!! But it honestly changed 🙁 The curly fries was not bad at all. Crispy outside, curled, and softer flesh inside. The burger was okay, not too juicy… a lot of sauce was added inside, my napkin soaked with sauce, but again.. it was not the same taste I had in mind! Nevertheless, I was happy to pass by and try 😉


Thank you Mehsin 😉


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