Home Remedy: Herbal Tea for Coughing

مع موسم الحاج والتطعيمات و تغيير الجو حاشاتني كحة مو طبيعية و واحدة من صديقاتي شارت علي إني أخذ خلطة أعشاب من الحواي – عطاني ٤ أكياس كل قيس في شي، زهورات، أعشاب، و أعتقد فاكهة مجففة – والله خفت معاه الكحة شوي و حبيت أشارككم. الخلطة تكاليف دينارين

I have been coughing a lot and taking some lozenges from time to time + cough syrup… but I was still coughing at night like crazy. One of my friends recommended I try the alternative medication available at our area coop (الحواج – العطارة)

The sales-guy gave me four bags of different herbs/flowers/fruit to mix together, each bag selling at 500 fils. He was like boil some water and take two of each (of the dried fruit like ones), a pinch of the floral mix, and a pinch of the leaves and let them set in for 15 minutes before you drink it

Did it help?

Yes! I guess it did. First of all, warm drinks in general helps, and that mix was good too! It soothed my throat and lessened my coughing… just thought of sharing this with you 😉

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