Hardee’s Mushroom Angus Thick Burger

While talking to my friend Alfa+ and explaining how I was sick and tired of being sick at home all day and deciding what to eat, he recommended I give Hardee’s Angus Thick Burger a try, the one with mushroom and Swiss cheese! I was like hmmm why not give it a try… with curly fries that is 😉

I received my order and it was ONE HUGE box I was shocked! How am I gonna finish this!

The box open up like a drawer, to reveal the burger – which was surprisingly not THAT big

The beef patty, however, was fat and juicy! The cheese was sharp in taste (in a very good way), mushrooms added to the juiciness – one bite after another and I am sold! I loved it… Big fat savory beef patty! My friend Alfa+ told me that the mushroom and Swiss cheese added juiced, because the patty by itself is a bit dry! I will have to agree! He prefers their regular Swiss Mushroom burger, I honestly do not remember how it taste to compare, but I surely enjoyed this burger

The bun is a bit on the fancy side for a fast-food, topped with oats and tasted so good – soft and yummy!

The meal cost is KWD1.900 with a drink, which I gave to our driver lol… but I surely enjoyed my burger and fries!

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