Baskin Robbins FOM: Honey Sesame Crunch

One of my home remedies when I am sick with flu and sore throat is eat lots of ice cream! Like I don’t do this on usual days LOL! Anyways, it really helps me for some reason! So anyways, after I left the clinic in our area, I headed to Baskin Robbins in our coop and asked about their Flavor of the Month… it was Honey Sesame Crunch, made of toasted sesame cream with sweet honey caramel ribbon and savory sesame seeds coated cashew nuts! I LOVE cashew nuts! I love honey, I love ice cream… so it sounded like the perfect fix for the day 😉

I ordered one small scoop, around 500 fils I think, and decided to have it as a treatment… the power to heal mentally 😉 Right?

I was stuck in traffic for sometime and finished it before I reached home

It was divine! Loved the cashew addition 😉 The sesame and honey made it similar, but NOT the same, as rahash kinda! Just try it out while it last 😉

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