Anti-Viral Kleenex

Another find that I want to share with my readers is the anti-viral Kleenex tissues I got from my friend WJS (Thanks :*)

It says on the packaging that it kills 99.9% of cold & flu viruses. I tried it out and liked it actually. The tissue is thick and made of layers (3-ply) with the middle layer containing the anti-viral magical ingredients. It is soft on the skin too! I don’t know if it really kills 99.9% of cold and flue viruses, and same goes for all products that claims the same, but I liked the fact that it was thick and soft on the skin the most

When I read more about it on the net, I came to find that it is a moisture-activated tissue designed to kill common cold and flu viruses from droplets in the tissue, which also protects our hands from it.

Totally worth the try 😉

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