A Quiet Afternoon at Lino’s Coffee

One quiet afternoon earlier last week I went to Lino’s Coffee with my friend… we decided to go with a layered coffee drink on the menu – forgot the name, but we saw the picture and were like we want this one!

They were out of many things listed on the menu, including the syrup in this drink, which should be tiramisu, but since they were out, we replaced it with hazelnut syrup!

To me it was really good but a bit on the sweet side, my friend was fine with it’s sweetness! Nevertheless, I would recommend you give it a try! We ordered it skimmed, but it was a bit creamy in texture, in a good way! Before stirring, the layers were dancing on top of each other smoothly! Such a delight

Then we ordered a couple of American coffee – I enjoyed that one as well! Very bold and strong in taste, just what I needed on a quiet afternoon, of course with great company 😉 It gave us a wakeup kick… but we needed to add to it all, so we ordered this cake, which comes on a stone grill… a la mode with ice cream! They are well known for their yummy gelatos on display

ITS HUGE! Good to share for four persons if not more!

Presentation was awesome, taste? Well… not my kind of cake to be honest! To begin with, I am not big on cakes, and when I have one I like it moist from the inside! This one was more on the spongy side and a bit bland


Other than that, Lino’s Cafe is one of those coffee shops I drop by every once in a while for a good coffee and maybe a scoop of ice cream 😉 Service is always good but the staff need to learn how to recommend items on them menu and be more knowledgeable about it 😉 What’s your favorite drink there?

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