@UPPERCRUSTKWT – Kuwait City Branch Opening

First it was the creative Pizza Box invitation that I got to attend the opening of the new branch of Upper Crust Pizzeria in Kuwait City! The invitation itself was VERY inviting – although I was a bit busy that day, I made sure to make time for the opening

The event itself was very interactive! I got to meet the owner and his wife Jordan and Steffy Tobins – Fabulous and super friendly couple I must say! The owner was making pizza and showing off his skills! All guests had a great time!

Their creativity did not stop at the invitation card, but guests were able to make their own pizza with Jordan! This was amazing! I was the first to go in behind the counter with my own chef hat and apron – courtesy of the Upper Crust Team!

I made a mushroom pizza – first the chef helped me flip the dough, then I placed their fresh tomato sauce -made in house- which by itself smell SO GOOD! Topped it off with mozzarella cheese, a mix of mushrooms, asiago cheese, herbs, some chili flakes, and then olive oil around the crust edges and into the oven! I passed the test! Here is my pizza

My thoughts? I LOVED IT! The pizza crust is paper thin 😀 Which is something I like… thin crust pizza topped with the freshest and yummiest ingredients with a kick of aroma and flavor from the herbs and a hint of spiciness from the chili flakes! I polished it off (Steffy took a slice to give me her opinion) – it was amazing! I will be dining there a lot for sure 😉 It is my kind of pizza; thin, fresh out of the oven, and very delicious!


Thank you Dana, Lujain, and Upper Crust Team for this creative invitation and super creative event. Thank you J & S Tobins for the pizza making lesson 😉


Upper Crust Pizzeria has two locations; The Village in Abu AlHasaniya and in United Tower of KIPCO in Kuwait City


You can check Danderma’s Post here for more pictures!

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