Temporary Hair Coloring

I’ve done Ombre with @TONIGUYkuwait a couple of years ago with no problem! It was chocolate color with golden caramel ends! Now for crazy color, I do not have the hear to do mine… but there is always the temporary/washable ones 😉 Right?

Eden Salon & Spa offer the tint hair chalk (to apply and buy from their salon) as I mentioned earlier in my blog (link)

They are a bit messy to apply and leave some stains… but so much fun to have on 😉 I bought a couple of colors of’em!

There is also the spray hair color in which you can find in beauty supply stores such as AlNasaem in AlSalmiya (on Salem AlMubarak St.)

And lastly IsaDora Hair Mascaras that you can find in Faces Cosmetic Store – I spotted them in their 360 Mall branch

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