My @GTHydroQ8 Basil Bloomed

On June 5th, 2012 I started my #AeroGarden (link) 😉 And a couple of days ago I posted on my Instagram a couple of pictures of my blooming basils, which is a sign that my basils are shutting down and started the reproducing stage

Few of my friends on instagram gave me tips and pointers… I think I have a couple of weeks left before I clean my AeroGarden and start growing something else like lettuce or cherry tomatoes 😉

Anyways… I was told to take out the blooms if I wanted to keep my basil producing leaves…. A plant’s cycle is to produce seeds, which means I had to make a choice weather to pinch off those blooms and eat more leaves or wait for the seeds… I wanted more basil leaves so I pinched’em off! Will try to save seeds next time I see new blooms

They are so fragrant by the way <3


For more on AeroGarden, you can follow them on Twitter/Instagram @GTHydroQ8 – or check out their website for more


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