Lunch at Napket @napketkw

I was invited by Mr. Mohammed AlMatouk of Napket to try some of their modified items and for a quick catch-up on some yummy items including Ansam’s Pizza 😉

Anyways… it was a day that I was open for “sharing food” because there were too many items to try out! First things first! I had “Al Mokhtar Burger” on my To Try List for the longest time ever

A juicy beef patty with a secret sauce, cheese, onions, and a fried egg on top…. that is not well done of course!!! Why? Because the egg yolk must ooze as a sauce to add to this whole experience! Messy to eat but so delicious! Actually it is TOO delicious that it should be illegal!! The yolk added so much to the flavor! The beef patty was cooked medium to my taste, and the cheese was of a good quality!

What do I do when I find a food item that I like so much? I give it the Ansam518 Seal of approval

Another burger that I tried was The Lafayette… if you like BBQ sauce, this is the burger for you! I only had a couple of bites… Al Mokhtar was yummier for my taste buds

I did not order a side of french fries, but I ordered a side of Napket’s sweet potatoes fries which I LOVE! Fleshy from the inside, crispy on the outside! Total delight

And for dessert, they brought in Pain Perdu (a very fancy French toast kinda dessert) – in which you have to order early! It needs 45 minutes to be on your table. You may wanna notify your waiter once you sit on the table that you will be having it

“Hello Gorgeous” – that is what Mohammed said when it was placed in front of us!

Make sure you poke some holes/groves before you pour in the hot caramel sauce… generously that is 😉 Let the pudding absorb it well then go ahead and ATTACK!

Believe me… this is the proper way of doing it

Adding the hot caramel sauce

It is really gorgeous! Isn’t it?

It was really delicious and proves that not all desserts in KTown must have chocolate to make it to the A-List! It was yummy, a bit on the heavy side though 😉 So order a black coffee or unsweetened tea to ago along with it

Thank you Napket Team for having me!


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