Lunch at Edo

Yesterday we decided to have lunch at Edo on a very quiet time of the day! The place was almost empty

Its been a while since I have last visited so I don’t know if this is new, but Edo started selling products at the restaurant such as edamame frozen beans, organic rice, quinoa, oat bran, and more

We both wanted to try a new salad, my friend suggested to go green with it and ordered the avocado salad above. Lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots, tomato wedges, broccoli, and asparagus. The dressing was apple base, and I love that kind of dressing at Japanese restaurants! The salad was light and perfect start-up for our lunch. Veggies were not overly cooked, avocado was creamy in texture… not the kind of salad I would normally go for in a Japanese restaurant, but it was good honestly

Negimaki… a broiled beef strips (which were so tender) rolled with spring onions (negi) and served on a river of teryaki sauce. This is one of the dishes I tend to order at Japanese restaurants from time to time.

The foil gift wrapped mushrooms, or what they call at Edo Shiitake Tsutsumiyaki – grilled shiitake mushrooms with lemon butter sauce! A total delight and a must have at Edo. We copy that dish at home all the time with different kinds of mushrooms (I had a similar dish also in Hong Kong here)

See how pretty it looks! It taste even better than it looks… specially if you love mushrooms <3

Salmon Carpaccio… one of my must have dishes! When in Japanese restaurant I always order Salmon Carpaccio or Salmon Usuzukuri – this dish above is served at Edo. Thinly slices of salmon soaked in different sauces, goes perfectly well with some ginger (gari) pickles and a touch of wasabi if you dare! I would recommend you ask them to go easy on the sauces! I like to taste the fish more than the sauce, specially when its fresh and buttery like salmon

Another dish that I order from time to time at Edo is the shrimp in oriental sauce! The sauce is a bit on the heavy side

Vegetable (Yasai) Tempura! Usually we get more options! I personally like mushrooms, onions, zucchini, and sweet potatoes when it comes to veggie tempura. For the first time yesterday, I tried the okra tempura! I have mixed feelings about it! I do not know if I like it or not. But as I said they were limited with the veggies for some reason.

Then came our maki rolls! A couple of Kyoto orders which comes in four makis, and a tempura roll. We both ordered Kyoto and supposedly we wanted to share the tempura, which I have not tried… and my friend barely touched it… she had one piece only. Kyoto is one of my favorite rolls at Edamame created by two of my friends (maybe I am emotionally attached because of this?) LOL… but really, its the kind of roll that you get a surprise with every bite you take (or chew in this case) it contains shrimp, tuna, crab, fresh mint leaves, and topped with a very thin slice of avocado and special sauce with sesame seeds! Kono maki wa…. totemo oishii desu!!!

And we ended our meal on a sweet note… black sesame and green tea ice cream! Absolute delight <3 I am so madly in love with the black sesame ice cream <3 I don’t know if Edo sells them in ice cream pint containers! Anyone knows? #NoteToSelf ask them next time I visit



Our total came to KWD37.500 with a couple of lemon and mint juice and green tea



Edo is located in AlShaab, and their Tel No. is 22659590

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