@IbrahQ8 Flower Necklace

When my friend and I arrived at the Celebrate Expo Gala Dinner, we were assigned to the same table where MeBlogging and IbrahQ8 were sitting! I could not help but noticed IbrahQ8’s PRETTY flower necklace, it was a bit dark and she was sitting opposite me, but it was still sparkly! I wanted to ask her if it was Prada necklace, but I forgot to towards the end of the event, but then I saw this picture on her Instagram account @ibrahq8

As she explained its a necklace she made herself…. actually she gave a face-lift to a necklace that she bought from forever21 (shown below)

Whoa! Mashallah! She is truly an artist with a high taste!! Isn’t it gorgeous (first picture)? Check out some different images of the Prada flower necklace pictures I found on instagram

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