Happy Pills @HappyPillsBcn

My friend Dana N. brought me some yummy Happy Pills

Gotta love the branding of the hot pink cross and simple plain design! Three bottled candies, gummies, and chocolates in a white Happy Bag <3

One is for “Happiness Minidose”, another one for “After Garlick”, and the last one is all about “Pink clouds for grey days”! How cute and creative is that now?

I was sitting with my sisters and friends… not all of them dared to eat that brain up in the picture! To add to it, its reddish in color inside! Zoona!! What did you do? 😛 #InsiderJoke



Well well well… not only did I like the packaging and branding, but I enjoyed munching on those yummies! The sugar coated gummies were super rich in flavor! They are indeed HAPPY PILLS! Very enjoyable and amazing gift idea! Thanks D :*


I found out more pictures on this post😉 LOVE it! Super creative and cool! It is designed by Marion Donneweg

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