@burgerkingkw It’s Breakfast Time

 وجبات الافطار من برجر كنج يوميا من الساعة 7 صباحا* و لغاية 12 ظهرا و فقط بـ 0.850 فلس

أعتقد أن بعض الفروع تفتح الساعة ٩ صباحا و ليس ٧ *

Dusty Roses posted about Burger King – Kuwait breakfast meals. I checked their Twitter and Facebook for announcements and found out that they serve breakfast meals from 7:00AM to 12:00PM for 850 fils per meal (but some branches open at 9:00AM). Anyways…. Three meals are prepared for breakfast; the egg, cheese, and sausage / cheese & sausage / egg and cheese – PLUS crunchy hash brown bites and a drink (coffee, tea, or orange juice)


I remember these meals’ sandwiches were called croissanwich in the States… and I used to have them once in a while when in a hurry/on the go and in need for a quick bite! I’m glad they are available now in K-Town, I decided to have breakfast with the King 😉 So I headed to the nearest branch yesterday for breakfast and ordered the cheese, sausage, and egg meal with black coffee

When I asked them for the new breakfast meals, she told me that they have been serving them for over a year, so it seems that they are re-marketing them now

I believe I was their customer #1 of the day! The place was empty when I went early in the morning

Picked my meal and headed home… it looks big!

IT IS BIG! The croissant used is much bigger than the ones I tried in the States! It was a bit on the heavy side… plus, I am not a big fan of croissants to begin with. The egg, sausage, and cheese were good but again, it was one big heavy sandwich! The hash browns were amazing, they come in bite size and cooked crispy on the outside! I was so full that during our family lunch today, I ate a couple of shrimps and clams only!

The black coffee was pretty good for a fast food joint coffee! Rich in flavor and gave me the kick start for my day yesterday 😉

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