Breakfast at Dean & Deluca

The minute I announced the reopening of Dean & Deluca cafe, I missed it even more! Breakfast at D&D to be exact <3 So earlier this week Um3azoz messaged me and Shushu quite early in the morning “Who’s up for Dean & Deluca?” – we both agreed on spot, being super fans of their breakfast, we were there at around 9:15AM… it was fairly busy but not crowded at the time…

I happily flipped through their new menu and decided to go for the Arabian Baked Eggs! Sunny side ups baked with tomatoes and sausages! Very hearty <3

As usual, we started of with our drinks, coffee, latte, and a medium bottle of Fiji water! Coffee is still as good (taste and smell) as I remember from my last visit before they closed down for renovations!

My breakfast WAS SO GOOD! Just as I expected! Very hearty! I did not have lunch that day because it kept me full till around 6:00PM when I decided to have lunch! The egg yolks were runny just as I requested, skinned tomatoes, spices, and the sausages! Every single ingredient added to it, many of the food items I like in one pot, baked and served! I polished that off! Too bad I forgot to snap the “After” picture! Um3azoz ordered scrambled eggs – but cannot remember her exact order, and Shushu ordered Zaatar manqoosha! No breakfast is complete at Dean & Deluca without it! Believe me! YUMM! Yes! I had some of that as well 😉 And as I rated it to be my all time favorite in all of K-Town… it is still as good and yummy! The generous zaatar on top, not overly done, with a thin yummy a-bit-sweet-dough! I, however, prefer the very first version, which came in a smaller size and in a round shape! Taste-wise… never failed to satisfy my tastebuds!

Our total came to KD14


Dean & Deluca! How I’ve missed you! Happy to have you back <3 <3 <3

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