At Color Me Mine with Zayooni

If you have been following my blog, twitter, and instagram you would know that I am a BIG fan of Color Me Mine (check the posts here, here, here, and here)… this place never gets old!

So anyways, I went with my sisters, her boys, and Zayooni… Z have never been to Color Me Mine and saw pictures of her brothers there and really wanted to go 😉 So she is the main reason we were there last Saturday (Marina Mall Branch) 😉 We had lots of fun, and we were joined with my best friend and her one year old baby girl who also worked on a plate design there!

I picked a mug and started working on it with my blog colors/logo. The space I had to draw the butterfly on the “i” letter is so tiny so I decided to replace with a red tiny heart 😉

Will be posting a picture of the outcome next week 😉 Stay tuned

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