Tunisian Dinner at MG

Our dear Tunisian friend, Myriam G. invited us for tea at her home overlooking Le Berges du Lac (outskirts of the lake). We told her about the tea we tried at Sidi Chabaane and how much we loved it, so she had us over to try it homestyle…. So she picked us up from our hotel (my sisters and I, along with our friend Mona) and we headed to her house

Boy oh boy! She got us some traditional Tunisian sweets! If my memory serves me right they are called ka’ak warqa, ka’ak anbar, baklava Tunisiyah, and bnaadeq (كعك ورقة – كعك عنبر – بقلاوة تونسية – بنادق)… we were soon joined with her friend Emna – as sweet and friendly as Myriam!

First tea we tried was with almonds

Second tea was mint tea… super fresh and aromatic

And the last tea we tried was made from a floral plant they grow at home – I cannot find where I wrote the name down, but I have a picture of this plant

Interesting flavorful tea…

Little did we know that she prepared for us a light dinner cooked at home!!! Her house cook prepared some Brik (البريك), pronounced breek, as mentioned in my Sidi Chabaane post, it is a thin pastry turnover made with tuna, parsely, and eggs as stuffing! It must be eaten right away… the egg yolk within must not be dropped but rather sucked in 😉 With a drizzle of lemon on top, it tasted pretty decent

And some tiny pastries with different stuffing!

It ended up with a very traditional dessert called Assidat Zgougou (عصيدة زقوقو) – some sort of a porridge with nuts

It was a fun night with our friends from Tunisia… who were very generous and friendly with us! Amazing teas, authentic Tunisian food, traditional Tunisian dessert, and a great company with lots of things to talk and laugh about <3


Thank You Myriam and Emna 😉

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