I have received the following by email and thought it was worth sharing since its almost time for Eid 😉

بدأنا العمل في المنزل ونتطلع للتوسع ان شا الله فكره كويتيه بحته واعمل انا بنفسي بمساعده الاهل علي المشروع استقبل طلباتكم يوميا علي  
لدينا خدمة التوصيل  للمناطق البعيده 3 والمناطق القريبه 2 
 حسابنا علي الانستاغرام suger_sweet 
 Project is a sale of candy-making the desserts are made in the kitchen of the house where there will be the intention to expand the project through the opening of a specialist shop for the sale of sweets

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