Starbucks Gradual Changes

Starbucks took small steps and gradually changed its look over the years in Kuwait. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that or not? They did not do it over night.. instead they started with giving each branch small and gradual face-lifts with time… the deep purple couches are almost non-existent today.. the colors were more deep and vibrant when it comes to interior! Its now all soft olive green and soft mustard with pictures and red beans, and colorful plants… or vintage looking posters that are coffee related!

Starbucks, Hawalli Plaza Branch… is an example! It has a much cleaner look now with earthy colors when it comes to furniture and modern designed coffee tables

The touch of Arabesque here… added a while back, and this is what I mean by gradual changes and touches! I like this partition a lot

I, however, do not like the dropping curtains in AlShaab branch – I do not see them fitting at all!


What do you guys think? Have you noticed those gradual steps into the newer nice look?

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