Sneak Peek: Nora AlHathran Fashion Photo Shoot

I was interested into viewing Nora AlHathran collection… she have been posting pictures on Twitter/Instagram of some of her pieces and designs on Mariam Bu Kamal, on Bahrain TV

She was kind enough to invite me to her yet to be opened shop and for a behind the scenes/sneak peek of her photo shoot! Knowing me? I love doing that… I accepted with pleasure

I dropped by her shop a couple of weeks ago! Nora, whom I have met previously is just as friendly as ever! Super sweet and very considerate! She showed me around and asked me to start in whatever way I like!

By the time I got there, I met the photo shoot crew, the stylist, the model, and Nora’s brother! Let me tell you this… her designs are unique and different from the typical ones! Bold cuts, nice choices of colors, and complimenting accessories

Seeing the setting and all, I cannot wait to see the end results for this photo shoot!

The model was such a sport…. all smiles all the time unless asked otherwise 😉

Nora was there herself to check on the work! Gotta love this lady! Super sweet

She arranged with Lazurd to be there with a buffet full of food, desserts, and drinks! The drinks (hot/cold) were going around non-stop!

Stay tuned for Nora’s photo shoot 😉 I personally cannot wait

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