@napketkw Ramadan Specials

Napket and I go back in time since their very beginning! I still remember the first time I tried their menu in Kuwait back in 2008 (link) when the very bad and negative reviews drawn me to try it and I ended up LOVING it! Since then, I established strong ties with the owners, I guess my review led them to me or something! A couple of years later I worked on creating my own icy yogurt there, Ansam Icy I! People started sending me emails with pictures of their Ansam Icy Yogurt orders (here, here, here, and here)  – same thing happened when we worked on Ansam Icy II last year (link)! And this year Napket’s Mohammed AlMatouq and I came with a Florentine kind of pizza – ended up calling it Ansam’s Pizza (here, and here).. Napket is simply one of my favorite restaurants in K-Town! I love their snob prepared food and I love the fact that they created some sort of a relationship with me and then my blog! They call me up for tasting sessions and spoil me a lot you know 😉 Last year in Ramadan, they sent me some of their dishes (link) and they did the same this year… with different and unique items!

A Moroccan dish that consists of Couscous, veggies, and meat!

I loved the pumpkin cubes with couscous… with a bit of meat, it was really delicious!

The meat was juicy and flavorful… the couscous was cooked to perfection, and I am a sucker for pumpkin and squash! It was such a delight!!

They also sent me butter chicken with steamed rice

I must say it is a lighter version of every butter chicken I have tried… a fancier one too! I just do not know how to explain it or to rate it, it is just different!! A snob food for Napket lovers! The taste of coconut milk in it was visible, and the texture was creamy but not too heavy! Chicken was yummy too! It was a yummy suhoor for us 😀

The Star of the Day however was this!!!!

A box wrapped up in Napket’s own branded plastic wrap and signature black branded ribbon!

Can you guess what it is??

Its the Caramel Rose Cheesecake I posted about a couple of days ago (link)

Perfect looking cheesecake! Reminded me SO MUCH of their yummy Lavender Cake I reviewed a while back (link)

This cake is made exclusively to Napket by Caramel and can be ordered by calling Napket at 22923755 to pre-order it or contact them via Twitter@napketkw 😉 You will get it with free delivery the next day :D

LOVED everything about this cake… the smell (VERY aromatic), the texture, the taste, the aftertaste! It was all good! My only take is that its a bit crusty on the edges… other than that, it was the perfect treat – specially for rose flavors lovers like truly yours 😉

Thank you Napket… Thank you a million times! I <3 You guys!

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