Macau Day Trip – The Tour Around The City III

Right after our Senado Square visit, we headed to the Ruins of St. Paul’s – Ruínas de São Paulo 

The place was very lively with tourists from all over the world, school trips, locals… it was pretty crowded

And here it is… The Ruins of St. Paul’s! This is the back side of it, you can still see remains of pillars and a shrine… there was a stairway up the ruins for you to be able to climb up and see the view from the top

Check out the Facade of the ruins

It goes back to the 16th century complex in Macau, including both Cathedral of St. Paul as well as St. Paul’s College. The ruins in site are one of Macau’s main attractions and just like Senado Square, the ruins were also enlisted as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The facade sits on a small hill with 66 steps down…. some more pictures of Christmas festivity signs in the city

It is customary to throw in some coins for good luck into the top window

Here is our tour guide waiting for us down

We walked behind those ruins to a single chamber Na Tcha Temple –Templo Na Tcha– which was built back in 1888.

It is a Buddhist and Taoist temple dedicated to worship the “protection” deity Na Tcha

It is a very small temple… with lots of writings and coloring on its walls and some ornamentation

This temple is also marked as one of the site of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

We were done with this part of Macau.. and headed to the Casinos area, we spotted the Chinese boarders on our way

To be continued…..

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