Macau Day Trip – The Tour Around The City II

After Macau Tower (link) and as we were heading to Senado Square.. we passed by the Headquarters of the Government of Macau! Notice the Portuguese influence in their architecture and colors!?

Then we passed by what seemed to be a local shopping area… just snapped few pictures from the car

How cute is lantern cheeky Santa here 😛

And Voila! Senado Square – Largo do Senado

Again, you can visibly see the Spanish influence in the area! Of course with some Christmas touches and decorations here and there (I was in Macau with Mimmi last December)

The Senado Square is well known as the paved area with swirls of black and white in the center of the former Portuguese Colony of Macau – hence the Portuguese influence everywhere

As mentioned before, the signs all over the place are written in three languages; Chinese, Portuguese, and English

The paved area up-close

Traditional Portuguese pavement

Its a small Square kinda… we were given around 40 minutes to check out the place…

Few buildings surrounding the area, such as some offices, General Post Office, and St. Dominic’s Church

This square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

We spent most of the time there at the Chestnut Vendor (link)

And local vendors selling everything from fruit to clothing items

We headed back to the driver to go to the Ruins of St. Paul’s – Ruínas de São Paulo – while munching on the chestnuts we bought

To be continued…..

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