Macau Day Trip – The Tour Around The City I

Right after we arrived Macau (link), the diver took us into a tour around the city!

First stop??? The Golden Lotus Square – A Praça Flor de Lodão

The square as you can see feature this large six meter high golden bronze sculpture of a lotus flower in full bloom symbolizing the everlasting prosperity of Macau! It signifies three main parts of the territory; The Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, and Coloane Island.. now driving around a bit towards Macau Tower

The city is another version of Las Vegas with the same hotel/casinos! This one above is the MGM Hotel in Macau

And here we are, at Macau Tower… beautifully designed by the architecture firm of Craig Craig Moller.

What’s so convenient of having a driver there (which you can book at the port) is that they have passes and paid tickets included in their city tour! The tower is located in the former Portuguese Colony of Macau… hence the signs in Portuguese everywhere in the city

It measures 338 meters in height and contains a panoramic view observation deck, restaurants, theaters, souvenir shops, malls, and a skywalk for those who do not fear heights!

Loved the glass floors… a see  through to whats right below you from very high above! A walk around the outer rim is an experience not to be missed, since you get the best view of the city!!

Not to mention some crazy “activities” offered at the top 😛

A bungee jump at 233 meters – marking the second highest commercial skyjump in the world… after the Stratosphere Skyjump in Las Vegas 😉 I wanted to do it but we were running out of time!

Loved the Redbull branding there… designed in a monopod tables with the Redbull cans as the pod for the table, and with the thrill and rush of the jumpers… how fitting? 😉

And we spotted a jumper….


Here is the statue of Guanyin, which were not able to pass by due to constructions

A cool graph of the world’s tallest towers

Such a beautiful place – isn’t it?

It feels like an outdoor area – a very high one

And off we continue with our tour… we headed to a church with a patio area that overlooks the city…

Loved the view

Check the signs… with Portuguese + Chinese + English!

And we are on our way to Senado Square

To be continued…..

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