Macau Day Trip – The House of Dancing Water

Right after our Hotel/Casino tour, shopping, and light dinner (link), we headed to City of Dreams Hotel to catch our show – The House of Dancing Water. As we were guided to our seats we were given towels! The show is gonna be a blast LOL (الله يستر)

The theater was getting fuller and fuller as the time approached the show

I honestly did not know what to expect other than the fact that we might get so wet! LOL. Well well well.. the show is a production by Franco Dragone Entertainment Group at City of Dreams, and personally created and directed by him! Its an over USD250 million breathtaking spectacular water-based show! The story is inspired from Chinese culture seven emotions principle, derived from the classical Confucian beliefs!

The story set in a kingdom ruled by a king who had two children, a beautiful princess (of his deceased wife), and his son the prince (who’s mother is the jealous queen)! Upon the king’s death, the Queen imprison the princess in order to make her son heir to the throne.

The princess in despair unleashed powerful forces in the Kingdom, some sort of bright good magic to fight against the queen’s dark magic! A young brave stranger is washed ashore in which the princess knows he will be her savior! And he saves her at the end of course 😉 Enjoy the pictures

Very interesting show… if you have been to “O”/Cirque de Soleil – this show is almost of the same standard 😉

And it was time for us to say “Buhbye” to Macau and head back to Hong Kong! Check the pictures below… Just like Las Vegas – right? 😉

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