Macau Day Trip – The Hotels/Casinos

After our quick tour at Ruins of St. Paul’s we headed to the hotels/casinos area

That was our drop-off point! The tour guide job has ended and we’re on our own! He pointed out the City of Dreams Hotel to us so we know where to head when its time for our show; The House of Dancing Water. We had plenty of time before the show so we decided to just go roam around the hotels and go shopping 😉

As you can see.. the hotel names, buildings, atmosphere… are so alike to the ones in Las Vegas! The gambling industry had been there since early 1960s, but operating under a government-issued monopoly, which ended in 2002 – when several casino owners from Las Vegas attempted to enter that market!

It felt just like Vegas!

The Venetian Macau is just an example here! It opened up there in 2007 and was at the time the second largest building in the world by floor space – now its the sixth!

We went from one hotel to another – shopping was AMAZING, but more expensive than the usual! If you are looking into buying international brands, do not do the same mistake we did! They are selling at higher prices in Macau (and Hong Kong as well)

I was trying to take pictures of the casino but I was asked not to – check the picture below where he is asking me to stop 🙁

We decided to have a quick bite before our show starts… to save time when we want to leave back to Hong Kong

We stopped at a place called Pizza Pizza in the food court of The Venetian, and ordered a Garlic Mushroom Pizza

Glad we did! The pizza was thin and fresh out of the oven… flavorful – just right – Cheese was fresh and when you take a slice up thats what happens below! Ma Ma Mia

We ordered the 14″ pizza to share – it was about MOP116 for our Garlic Mushroom Pizza (around KWD4.000)

The show time was approaching so we decided to head to the other side where City of Dreams is

More hotels

Gran Hyatt Macau – very luxurious and with a spacious lobby and beautiful chandeliers

And heading to the City of Dreams now

And the show is about to start 😉

To be continued…..

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