Macau Day Trip – The Ferry Ride

While in Hong Kong last year, we decided to take a day trip to Macau, and booked for a show (to be posted soon) there through our hotel! They suggested we book a first class ticket (Super Class) – glad we did 😉 Anyways… we arrived at the port at around 10:00AM to proceed with ticketing and immigration.. Yes! Take your passport along with you! Once you arrive at Macau port, you are to apply for an instant visitor Visa for like HKD100 which is around KWD3.650

After immigration we headed to our gate and waited for boarding! The Super Class passengers goes in first – the economy was VERY crowded (if you do not mind that, then you will be okay I guess)

The seating arrangement is spacious and comfy! The Ferry ride run from Shun Tak in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island or from Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry in Kowloon – check which one is closer to you and arrange with your hotel. The Ferries run every 15 minutes for the Hong Kong Central one, and every 30 minutes from the Tsim Sha Tsui! They have more than one ferry rides for the evening when it gets busierThe whole trip takes around 60 minutes or more, depending on the weather condition! Our ride was on the smooth side 😉 We were offered one meal in each trip but I did not eat anything from it simply because we had an amazing breakfast in our hotel before we left, and ate at Macau before we headed back

Apparently there was a room booked for a group, which makes them Super-er than our Super Class 😉

At Macau we were greeted with our tour guide, who will take us on a tour around the city before dropping us off by the Venetian and Four Seasons Hotels

To be continued 😉

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