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My sisters and I decided to drop by Marina Mall to run some errands last week, and decided to have late lunch at Lenotre

We had my niece Zayooni with us, they were nice enough to find a place for her stroller while we ate in the open dome area.

So as usual when in Lenotre, the bread basket comes with three toppings; pesto, tomato, and butter balls

As for the bread itself, you get a selection of different cuts and mini buns! I specially like the onion one πŸ˜‰

For drinks, we ordered large bottle of water and an orange juice… but I wanted to try Natalia, a lemonade juice with cherry and grenadine syrup! Good sugar/sweet kick – since it was my first meal of the day

We shared a couple of appetizers, first one was Chicken Liver Salad. It comes with rocket leaves, amazing dressing, and mini stuffed pita bread with mutabbal! Mimmi was in LOVE with this salad… the ingredients within complimented one another really well when it comes to taste! The other appetizer we shared was Shrimp Bourma – tiny bites of shrimps wrapped in filo – even Zayooni liked those tiny bombs

As for main courses, Anwaar ordered the Hamour Dill. It comes with saffron rice and veggies! She said the best part of this dish is the fish and veggies πŸ˜‰ Zayooni shared this dish with her momma

Mimmi ordered Penne Arrabiata… she added mushrooms – Penne is one of her favorite pastas, so she enjoyed it

As for me… I went to an old favorite of mine at Lenotre! The Veal Piccata with lemon sauce! I really like this dish a lot, and I went straight ahead and ordered it – polished it off! The lemon sauce in this dish is divine! The side veggies – specially the tiny zucchinis and pumpkins are so good!

We were stuffed, and there was no room for dessert… so we ordered a couple of French coffee, and a white coffee

It was a pleasant experience at Lenotre as usual! The place was a bit crowded yet the staff handled the crowd well. Our dishes were made to order, and it was delicious lunch and sister time together πŸ˜‰ Lenotre… you never fail to satisfy us πŸ˜€

Our total came to KWD42.100

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