@LakelandUK at Marina Mall

While at Marina Mall with my sister Anwaar and her daughter Zayoona, we stopped by Lakeland, Home of Creative Kitchenware, opened about three months ago at the mall

 Being me, I get lost in such shops! I mean come on!! ITS KITCHENWARE! I would spend long time just browsing and checking things out


و أنا تسوق في مارينا مول مع إختي و بنتها دخلنا محل إسمه ليكلاند لمعدات و أواني المطبخ! إذا تعرفون المحل موجود بلندن – المهم المحل حده يونس و فيه أشياء حلوة و متنوعة من عدة الكيك و الطبخ و المزيد – حلو للي يجهز مطبخ يديد أو يدور فناتق أو مدمن محلات أدوات المطبخ نفسي 

First thing that caught my attention was their chandelier in the middle of the store with lots and lots of kitchenware such as strainers, mixers, silverware and more! Loved it

The three of us, yes including 2 and half year old Zayooni, enjoyed browsing through their items! Zayoona liked the mini frying pans, school lunch boxes, and lots of colorful things too!

Anwaar bought a cupcake maker… I think she got the mini cupcakes maker! I will update you with a post or instagram @ansam518 if we try it out 😉

This corner is dedicated to 7ajiDude! You guys might wanna check it out… oh and Shamlan as well 😛

As for myself… well well well! I got few things, things I already have but could not resist getting more from Lakeland! It was much needed retail therapy for me PLUS I will definitely use’em 😛

If you’re into kitchenware like truly yours, or looking to buy new items, preparing for a new kitchen… you might wanna check this place out 😉

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