Island Shangri La NADAMAN

NADAMAN at Island Shangri La offers authentic Japanese food with signature dishes crafted with attention to details and presented nicely on your table! That’s what their website say at least! Mimmi and I decided to try it while we were visiting Hong Kong last December!

The restaurant is located on the 7th floor of the hotel

We booked a table through the front desk before heading there! Very quite and serene atmosphere

The colors of the furniture, menu, chairs… are all calm with a bit of darker colors in some of their traditional tableware.

We browsed the menu, and with little help from our waiter we placed our order

Table is fully equipped with their condiments…. we were hungry and ready to eat 😀

We ordered Ebi Nigir – simple – you cannot go wrong with such order I guess

Mimmi ordered this salad, in which I had a bite from! Not bad at all!! Unlike similar salads in Kuwait where you feel the strong mayo-based dressing… this one was MUCH lighter and tastier

Ebi Tempura! Fresh fresh shrimp battered and deep fried of course, but so good 😉

Ordered Veggies Tempura as well… we got some sort of “Lost-in-Translation” moment here! They were not very flexible into letting us choose the veggies, I have no idea what they all were exactly LOL but I tried a bit of each! I liked the sweet potato, mushroom, and onion the most

California Rolls… usually I skip that order, but the waiter recommended it! It was good, but not my favorite – still, the ingredients were all super fresh and crispy

That’s not a flying shrimp tempura… its Mimmi saying hello to you guys with her grabbed Tempura 😛

One of the dishes our waiter also recommended is this one… Cannot remember the name really

They are water chestnut… something similar to the one I tried at Oriental Cuisine a while back (link)! I LOVED it 😉 If you ever get the chance to try’em out, do so!

And we ended our meal with two scoops of traditional Japanese ice cream… actually two of my favorite flavors of ice cream at Japanese restaurants; Black Sesame, and Green Tea! Both were spoon-licking-good!

Our total came to HKD1,149 (around KWD42) – not bad for the quality of food we got 😉

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