I Like… @SaduHouse Part IV

This is the last part of my Sadu House tour, but definitely NOT my last visit to them… I still go and drop by from time to time 😉 You can check previous post about my tour (Part I, Part II, and Part III)

Another thing I loved about Sadu House design is their courtyard columns! They have patterns similar to that of sadu weaved garments… just to make it even more warm and more fitting I guess

My last post about this tour is about their Chai AlDaha (morning tea time) – in which I have taken some pictures of their very first organized one! They were showcasing some of the work done during children’s workshop (picture above)

A very nice -on floor- seating was prepared for visitors with lots of traditional sweet to munch on with coffee going around non-stop and tea pots on charcoal braziers on outdoor tables!

It was cold (during the winter) and there were those warm za’atar pies… flavorful traditional Kuwaiti sweets that went perfectly with hot estikana of tea or strong bold Arabian coffee! LOVED the atmosphere

Colorful teapots on colorful charcoal braziers…

And a side of fresh mint leaves added to your hot tea… hmm hmm good

It was the busiest and most crowded section of out day… we met few of the Bedouin women who does most of the weaving in the house

There were a lot of people and we started mingling and talking about different things… it was such a nice morning

Check out this mobile chest made specially for Sadu House – you can see a similar one in 52 Degrees

We also met this very nice gentlemen who make straw trays and basket from palm trees’ dry fronds! He said he have to import from Bahrain sometimes in order to make those pieces

He is such a sweet guy

His sister, Om Ghalia, mixes his work with hers when she adds some crochet touches… designing the old with new spirit as he explained.. she also give crochet making classes, you can know more about her by calling 99401288

And now to the souvenirs shop 😉

The shop is full of things to check out from hand woven bags, phone cases, table runners, bookmarks, and much more

There are also a selection of books for sale…

Things to be used in the kitchen such as teapot cover, hot bread bags, and more

And of course some fashion pieces

I hope you enjoyed my four episodes (posts) tour in the Sadu House of Kuwait 😉 The place I frequent at and LOVE so much


For more you can check their website http://www.alsadu.org.kw/index2.html – Follow them on Twitter/Instagram @SaduHouse – (LIKE) their Facebook Page – Tel: 22432395

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