#HongKong Island Shangri La

While in Hong Kong last December with my sister Mimmi, we stayed at Hotel Island Shangri La

Our stay at this hotel was a pleasant one! I seriously cannot think of a single thing that annoyed me during my stay! The location is not bad and is so close to the metro. There are shopping areas around the hotel, the staff are ALWAYS smiling and are very helpful and friendly!

We booked a room with a deluxe harbor view

The room was spacious and on a high floor (42nd) as you can see! I liked the view with the full size window 😉

The guests get free internet access, flat screen TV, iPod docking station, desk with all its necessities, coffee/tea machines, mini bar, and more! It was nice, not really my style of interiors – as I am more of plain simple modern kinda person – but it was luxurious

The closet area with safe box

A welcome note with fruit basket and tea set!

Moving on to the marble bathroom -again, not my kind of design and material, but it was fully equipped and super clean- Two sinks (and daily house keeping “twice”)

The brand used for shampoo/lotion/toiletries set is L’Occiatane – which is nice 😉 I like it

A shower

A closer look at the sink

LCD Television in the bath tub area The hotel is also green in which you have the option to save water and do not request a daily change of towels (upon your wish)

A closer look now at the closet area… spacious closet with plenty of hangers and an umbrella (they go through rainy seasons in Hong Kong so its pretty useful)

A huge safe box! Check the oriental traditional cotton robes in the drawers below! LOVED’em!

Coffe and Tea makers with a wide range of coffees/teas

Tableware in a built-in drawer

We stayed at this hotel for a full week… so we tried their room service a couple of times! If you know me well you would know by now I rate good room service food in hotels by trying their signature burger 😉 (sometimes spaghetti bolognese)

Mimmi and I were DEAD tired the day we arrived! We took a quick tour around the area by our hotel, got some maps, metro map, and bought few necessities before we headed back to the hotel! It was pretty early but we were damn jet lagged and decided to share a pizza from the room service instead of burger… Since we decided to go all veggies and seafood avoiding poultry and meat *specially after watching Contagion on the plane – HOW Fitting!!*

It was decent but a bit oily! The crust was thin and crispy just the way we like… we hit the sack that day right away! Another items we tried on the menu were from their Sushi restaurant NADA MAN (I have a separate review for this restaurant coming up soon)

We didnt order much… it was a couple of salads, california rolls, and shrimp tempura!

The sushi there has a crisp fresh taste to it… lighter too!

I broke the pact and had a burger – YES red meat – while at Hong Kong! It was day five when I broke in for it!! I just could not handle another day with no meat

It came in from their restaurant at the hotel Cafe TOO! that burger was worth breaking my pact with Mimmi (sorry sis, I love you but it was a GOOD burger)! Melted sharp cheese, fat fries that are a bit crispy on the outside! A side of tasty onion rings, and crisp fresh veggies on the side! I seriously enjoyed every single bite of it! Not to mention that it was cooked medium perfectly to my taste 😉

The elevator area was very oriental in design with lots of pattern and paintings and a mini garden!

As mentioned in my Shangri La Elevators Post previously on my blog (link), a lot of hotel guests arrive and many of’em are jet lagged…. The hotel idea of telling their guest what day of the week it is was so creative…. They would put on a carpet with the designated day of the week on the floor! You would see it right when you step in the elevator!

Again… the service, staff, housekeeping, room service, butler, concierges, front desk/reception, cafes, restaurant… everything in the hotel made our stay there a pleasant one 😉 Check out their website for more details: http://www.shangri-la.com/hongkong/islandshangrila

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