Hong Kong: Tian Tan Buddha

Last December, Mimmi, Natasha (a friend we met in Hong Kong), and I decided to visit Tian Tan Buddha, also known as The Big Buddha – in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island! This large bronze statue of bronze located at the city of Ngong Ping is a must visit destination when in Hong Kong! We decided to take a cable car to the island, and we went for the crystal cabin, which means that the cable car was all glass – very interesting and fun – if you are NOT afraid of heights

The line starts next to Citygate Outlet Mall. When you get there, make sure to ask where the line to get the ticket is, because when we got there we saw two lines… A VERY long one and a much faster line! For some reason we were told to take the fast one – apparently the longer line is for locals or something?!

And here we are, in out crystal clear cable car 😉

With our glass floor we were able to see below us… a trail! I have no idea where it takes you and whether it reaches Ngong Ping or not!

And if it does take you there… how long would it take? Check out those guys down

Some interesting pointers and warnings on the door of the cable car; carriage of livestock is prohibited

And we spotted Big Buddha from far away

And we reached Ngong Ping!

I must say its very colorful and it looks like a party land for kids with all those colors, design, and characters

Divinatory Sticks! Seeking divination is a traditional Chinese custom – in Ngong Ping just think of something (or someone), pick a stick, and get your own answer from the Hong Kong Love Shop!

And we are approaching Tian Tan Buddha now

Now check out those steps!!!

It is actually one of the many attractions to climb those 268 steps up and circling the lotus platform when you reach the top, where Buddha is sitting!

Here is a view looking down!

And that’s Buddha sitting

I was shocked to see a swastika on his chest! And when I asked around some people there I got a somewhat an answer to it… that the word “Swastika” stems from the Indian Sanskrit “Svwastika” which means happy and joyous! The symbol itself have been in use for thousands of years as a sign for good fortune, protection, life, and life after death… unlike what it symbolizes when it comes to Hitler!! The use of it was associated by the theorist of the Nazi regime and their Aryan cultural descent of German people! They claim that the early Aryans of India were the white invaders or something! I was a bit confused but I somewhat got it in one way or another!

There were six additional smaller bronze statues facing Big Buddha, they’re called “The Offering of the Six Divas” each knee in front of him offering flowers, fruit, incense, light, and music!


and a Monk among them

A very fun trip not to be missed when in Hong Kong 😉

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