Financiers aux Amandes

My dear Shushu got me a bag full of Mini Financiers aux Amandes from Paris not too long ago! You know those tea cake you can enjoy with your cup of tea 😉

I remember when I first tried them while in France long time ago…. my sister who studied there told me that they were called “Financiers” because of their shape! They look like golden bullion!

Anyways, they come in individually wrapped! Tiny in size yet rich rich in taste (again the term Financier explains itself here)

What does it taste/feel like? Well… its moist rich almond cake! The flavor of almond is distinctive and strong, in a good way! I would say it is some sort of French basboosa with almond, yet lighter in texture and taste! It goes perfectly well with a cup of tea/coffee


Any idea if we have Financiers in Kuwait?



Thanks a whole bunch Shushu :***


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