Craving Sushi!!

I came across those @Tatami_Kuwait pictures I have taken few days before Ramadan! The last time I had sushi, almost a month back! It made me crave sushi so bad 😛 So don’t say I did not warn you! I have dined at Tatami quite a few times before – I have also interviewed Chef Dana AlTourah on a previous visit (link) but it was my friend first visit to this restaurant and boy did we make some yummy choices! First things first… We ordered Salmon Carpaccio – a favorite of mine

Thinly sliced super fresh salmon, with crisps on top and some spring onions – fresh and tasty!

Yasai Tempura (veggies) – I like how flexible they are when it comes to this dish! I for one do not like all kind of veggies in a tempura form, so I ordered the ones I like: mushrooms, onions, and sweet potatoes (too bad they did not have zucchini) Yummy but a bit on the heavy side – it made is fuller somewhat… but there were more dishes to coming our way <3

Its Sashimi time.. some scallops and Kani (crab sticks) – I prefered the scallops here! Cut with lemon slices in between.. a touch of ponzo sauce and a gari slice (ginger)… very delish!

As for the sushi rolls we had two; Golden Dragon and Kani Crab Furai Makis… I liked both, but the Golden Dragon more! I love how small their maki rolls are – easier to grab and eat! The ingredients were all fresh and good! That’s what to expect when eating sushi right? 😉

And the highlight of the lunch was this dish… Panko-Crusted Tuna! First time for me to try it! Raw tuna covered in a crispy crust that is cooked… with the garlic-jam kinda sauce, that amazing yummy sauce, I highly recommend this dish

Ended up ordering and sharing green tea and chocolate ice cream

Our total came to KWD30.850! I could not ask for more that day, amazing lunch with amazing company <3

Tatami is located on Amr Ibn AlKhattab St in Kuwait City – Its advisable to reserve a table before going because its usually full – Call 22251266


For more info, visit their website: and follow them on Twitter/Instagram @Tatami_Kuwait

If interested, you can check my first Tatami review here

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