Brown Tomato @AlHamraTower

Abdullah AlMishari, owner of Brown Tomato, and a friend also, invited me for a sneak peek during their soft opening of Brown Tomato  at AlHamra. I got there with my sisters Fulla & Mimmi + our dear Zoona before everyone else, so it was the golden opportunity for me to play around with pictures

The restaurant is designed in a clean modern touch with a bit of industrial finish! A few common tables, booths, and individual tables around with clear blackish seats, dimmed light, lots of candles, and loud music! The restaurant is designed in a way that teases the passersby outside the restaurant with little or no view through the open wooden wall, but gives a clear vision for diners inside to see the outdoor area!

Just to give you a feel of what I mean

A semi-open kitchen view with glass window and hanged frying pans all in black! Eye candy 😀

Part of the ceiling is covered in mirrors! Peek-a-pooh! Can you see me and Zoona? 😉

Nest-like lights that do not overwhelm the whole theme of the place, just adding a bit of a touch 😉

A one page menu, simple and to the point with different options; starters, pastas, pizzas, burgers, desserts, drinks… you know the works 😉

Scanning through the menu, I let the ladies do the appetizers and I went straight ahead for the burgers! I ordered the Wagyu one

Now don’t say I did not warn you… you are about to see some mouthwatering pictures of FOOD and more FOOD! Are you up for this challenge? If yes… here you go

YUMMY fresh and crispy edged soft end bread triangles… served as their bread basket with balsamic dip! The aroma was a killer too

Carpaccio with rocca leaves! You cannot go wrong with this one now… a personal favorite (and Mimmi liked it as well)

The shrimps on toast (forgot what they call’em at the restaurant) were perfect! Just like the ones served at Chocolate & Macaroon Pop in The Avenues (link)

The mini tiny sliders…. it was finally time for Fulla to have a bite since she’s not into carpaccio nor shrimps

And my burger arrived… in a fancy presentation! Well the presentation goes to all the dishes served – very well presented – anyways back to my burger! It came in inside a wok with a breaded onion ring on top of it, not inside… fat fries on the side, and everything fresh inside! The beef was juicy and tender! The cheese was sharp and complimented the burger really well.

Other dishes ordered were Pasta Fettuccine with truffle oil… I did not try it, but they liked it so much

And the star of the night… Abdullah’s Pizza – with black truffle oil – the smell, the taste, the texture! DIVINE! It is my favorite of all the dishes we tried at Brown Tomato that night

The mozzarella was super yummy and fresh, and added nothing but perfection to the pizza itself with the fresh basil leaves on top! Ma Ma Mia!!!

We were SO FULL but Abdullah insisted on bringing us dessert!

A yummy ice-cream-esque volcano swimming in a pool of espresso

It was such a lovely dinner with a lovely company! Thank you Abdullah for the invitation… I will be back soon 😉


Brown Tomato is located in the basement of AlHamra Tower next to Chocolate Bar and opposite Cafe Meem and Haagen Dazs

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