Breakfast at Island Shangri La

Island Shangri La Hotel in Hong Kong must have one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever tried! If you book for your visit in this hotel, make sure to try out their breakfast buffet!

The entrance area is full of stacked jars of everything from pickled food, to preserved fruit, wine, and oils!

With a very friendly staff member that will be happy to assist/seat you in!

I have taken the above from Cafe TOO link on the website! I wish I have taken more pictures of their different cooking theaters, but I didn’t! I googled some pictures and found some great ones on this blog (link) – I made the following collage from that blog

Anyways! I have snapped daily breakfast pictures of Mimmi’s plate as well as mine! So if you are fasting, I would not recommend that you click further 😛 Otherwise… here they are

Some days its berries with peanut butter and honey!!

Other days its fried eggs… sunny side up, with crispy ends and runny yolk… done perfectly to my specifications and cooked in olive oil (I like how flexible they are)

More sunny side ups

I also tried the Nestle Yogurt drink in many flavors! Mixed berries

Apple and blackcurrant

Apple and mango… oh and something other than sunny side up this time.. Its hard boiled egg, banana, hashbrown, and peach yogurt!

Waffles with chocolate


Fresh fruit

Poached eggs on zucchini sticks with a side of hashbrown and edamame

And more berries

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