Behind The Scenes: @ChocolatenessKW مازا هازا؟

Remember the Chocolateness TVC I posted on my blog few days ago (link)? Well here are some Behind The Scenes pictures specially for my readers provided to me by the Chocolateness Team – Thank you Rakan and Chocolateness Team 😉

Their signature wooden spoon in a giant size 😉 Not seen in the TVC

Director Khalid AlRefai directing the actress May AlBloushi for one of the scenes

Director Khalid AlRifai and Director of Photography Mohammed Sameer while shooting Allawi, the boy, requesting a molten from his father in the TVC, Ahmed Faraj

Taking a closer scene of the kids; Saroona, Allawi, and their mom on the TVC May AlBloushi

Another removed scene from the TVC with actor Ahmed Faraj falling after being by his TVC wife

The Chocolateness Family with the production team and actors in the TVC 😉



The ad won 4th place by Tasaweeq after Zain, QualityNet, and Wataniya

it won the 4th place by  after Zain Qualitynet and Wataniya. Al7emdellaa. because of Allah and your support. Attached is one more pic which is removed from the TVC when actor Ahmed Faraj “Father” falling down when the mother hits him ;P.

Twitter/Instagram @ChocolatenessKW

Productions : Senyar سنيار
Director :Khaled Al-Refai خالد الرفاعي
Art Director :Sarah Al-Muhanna سارة المهنا
D.O.P : M.Samier محمد سمير
Editor&Post : A.Abdoulwahed آحمد عبدالواحد

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