@WataniyaTelecom Ramadan 2012

Wataniya Telecom is back this Ramadan with more to give! First things first… the ad, which I have posted about previously here!




Another interesting feature from Wataniya is their Ramadan App – which I found out about on their website (link) available for Android so far (link) and it says COMING SOON for iPhone users

The App should have some great features like daily prayer times with Suhoor and Iftar times highlighted, mosque locator showing the closest mosque to your current location, Ramadan and Eid greetings to share with friends and loved ones by email, Facebook or Twitter, pledge your good deed and see what others are doing around you, and keep track of where you are on your Quran reading by electronic bookmarker.

Not only that but you can check the hashtag they created for Ramadan on Twitter #RamadanWataniya for updates, videos, announcements, trivia, cooking recipes and more!

For more, click here!

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