Volkswagen Amarok

I spotted this VW Pickup truck, called AMAROK, earlier yesterday!

Okay so I dont know much about cars… but its the first time I see this VW Pickup truck! It came into production in late 2009 and this is the first time I see and know about it! LOL

The names they pick for naming their vehicles is unique!! Previously their cars; Jetta (jet stream: east/west wind affecting Pacific air travel), Passat (trade winds), Santana (hot dessert blast across the sea of Cortez), Scirocco (hot N. African desert wind), Golf (gulf stream winds)… were all named for different winds! Newer edition cars were getting more and more interesting like the TOUAREG (Saharan tribe), Tiguan (Tiger + Iguana), and now AMAROK (which means wolf in Inuit language)


What do you guys think of this truck?

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