Tunisia: Sidi Chabaane

في زيارتي لتونس شهر مارس الماضي و بالتحديد في منطقة سيدي بوسعيد قررنا أن نتغدى في مطعم سيدي شبعان – و هو مطعم مشهور بهذه المنطقة و يطل على الميناء بطبقات من الشرفات المعلقة

كعادتهم في المطاعم بتونس، يقدمون لكم الخبز مع صلصة الهريسة الحارة… أختي طلبت بيزا و كانت جيدة أما نحن الباقون فطلبنا سمك صيد اليوم و كان نصيبنا هو سمكة القاروص – لذيذة و طعم المأكولات البحرية في تونس يذكرني بمطاعم أسبانيا على البحر

كذلك جربنا البريك و هو عبارة عن شريحة رقيقة من العجين المحشوة بالتونة والبقدونس والبيض. هي أكل معروفة في تونس و كان طعمها عادي و لكن ألذ بإضافة عصرة ليمون 

للتحلية طلبنا كريب بالشوكولاتة و كان لذيذ… مصحوب بشاي الصنوبر و الذي يسمونه بتونس شاي بندق…. فاتوراتنا كانت ٢٠٩.٥٠٠ دينار تونسي أي ما يعادل ٣٧ دينار كويتي… أترككم مع الصور 

One of the must visit places in Sidi Bousaid in Tunisia is Sidi Chabaane Cafe!

The Cafe is situated in high magical position on the port with its layered terraces seating style

I snapped so many pictures of the seating area just to give you a feel of the place! It was amazing! Weather was nice, company was fun… and we were all hungry

With lots of blue color going on in the scenery (post to follow about the Blue Sidi Bousaid Town)

And now let’s talk food… shall we? 😉 As almost all restaurants in Tunisia, you are to be served with the bread basket and their famous spicy Harrisa, a hot Tunisian chili sauce served with bread. And some sort of mixed salad that came with the bread basket as well… fresh greens and veggies with grilled cooked veggies mix in the middle

My sister Fulla ordered pizza with mushrooms, she said it was good – big enough to share for two, I stole half a slice, and it was surprisingly good! I mean pizzas that I’ve tried in Tunis were all good to be honest 😉

For the rest of us; my two other sisters, a friend -Mona-, and I we all ordered the fish of the day… its called “Qaroos” in Tunisian

It was tasty! I really am impressed with the quality of food -specially seafood- we tried in Tunisia! The fish/seafood in general tasted a lot alike the food in Spain! I enjoyed the fish and so did the girls in the group! The fish itself was fleshy white with not too many spices to kill its original juices… just amazing – with the addition of olive oil and lemon, it was even better

It was such a yummy meal with lots of laughter in an amazing weather! It wasnt the best food we had in Tunisia but the whole atmosphere made up for it

Another famous authentic Tunisian dish that you must try is Brik (pronounced breek) a thin pastry turnover that must be eaten right away when prepared! It usually contains tuna, parsley, and eggs as stuffing! It was okay… not very tasty, but with drizzled lemon on top it tasted a bit better

We were stuffed but not too stuffed for some yummy crepes and pine tea…

Yes! Pine Nuts Tea 😉 The pine nuts adds a special okay nutty flavor to the tea… fresh mint leaves gives it a crispy fresh taste! Loved the combo – highly recommended

And the crepe!!! The kind of chocolate used, which I have no idea what it was or where it came from, was delish! The crepe was still hot when served on our table! I was stuffed silly at this point but very happy and satisfied

Our total came to TND209.500 which is around KWD37 for five persons appetizer, main courses, drinks, tea, and dessert

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