Tunis: Aquatic Restaurant

While in Tunis last March, Mimmi (my sis) and I decided to have lunch at Aquatic Restaurant.. we pass by it a lot when walking on Les Berges du Lac means “The Lake-shore” in which our hotel was on also

The restaurant is designed in a very clean cut modern with minimal pieces around used as furniture and decoration! Really nice

There was a seating area inside but since the weather was outdoors-y we decided to sit out by the lake

I’ve noticed that Tunisians wont mind you going around taking pictures.. they are as a matter of fact very friendly about it. I loved the design! The kind of design I would love to have for a beach house

Large glass windows and lots of pebbles of greyish shades with super still water reflecting the image of the restaurant! Tranquility at its best!

And by now, if you have been reading my Tunisia posts you would know that Tuna is somewhat a “must” to have with the bread basket in most restaurants

With their spicy harissa (spicy tomato sauce) – add a bit of balsamic and olive oil and you’re good to go! I must say that the tuna and harrisa combo in this restaurant was one of the best I have tried while in Tunisia!

Mimmi and I ordered clams with pasta in marinara sauce; mine was spaghetti, Mimmi’s was penne

Another friendly gesture of them was that this item was not on their menu, but since we were craving it badly, they customized both dishes for us! What did I have to say about it? Its SUPER delicious! LOVED everything about it… the freshness of the clams, the al dante cooked pasta, and fresh fresh tangy tomato sauce!

It was all gone… the clams specially 😉

Our total with drinks came to TND52.500, which is around KWD9.00! Totally worth it!


Aquatic is located on Rue du Lac…. just like Biwa, The restaurant is spacious, staff members are friendly with tourists, the view is amazing (lake view), and their Tel # is 0021620155733 – Check out their Facebook Page here!

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