The Attack of Killer Cookies

Last weekend we were attacked by @CookiPizza and @ButtercupCafe 😉 So, okay… to start with… we had some friends over at our place… of course it was fun and we talked about a lot of things, ate dinner, socialized… blah blah blah, till it was desserts time!!! First things first, Ms.Mimi brought a box of Brookies!! Yes, brownies topped with cookies from Buttercup

Soft chewy cookies on top of brownies… it was such a delight!

The brownie itself was moist, the cookie on top was chewy, just like how they’re supposed to be and you guys know how much I like buttercup cookies 😉 It was not as sweet as I imagined it to be when I knew it was brownie/cookie combo – which is good 😉 Recommended with Ansam518 Seal of Approval 😀 To order call 22646635/22621232 – they’re also available on

Now moving on to the next item… which is a Cookie Pizza brought to us by Um Jassim! It has @TheDietNinja name written all over it! The giant cookie, topped with nuttella, chocolate swirls here and there, and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate on each slice!

You can order it by calling 94938452

I, being the cookie monster that I am, took a slice of this pizza, and half a brookie to be fair!

Both were good, specially the brookie, the cookie pizza was a bit on the heavy sweet side for my taste, as you all know I am not a big fan of nutella anyways – I like it just fine, but the cookie itself was so yummy! Soft and chewy and huge and yummy and… I wonder if I can order it by itself as a giant cookie with no toppings!


It was such a cookielicious night 😉 Thank you ladies for your cookie-generosity

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