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One of the fast selling and out-of-stock items that I can hardly find is Bourjois 1 Second magic instant nail polish remover – I usually buy it at Boots for KD4.250

I found it earlier today at Boots in Hawalli Plaza and snatched 5 of’em… it is made with sweet almond oil, red berries, and vanilla… very convenient and easy to use with much less mess! I love it #LifeSaver

The pharmacist there also told me about the salon finish in 1 second nail polishes! It says 1 angle = 1 stroke = 1 second. The blue was their best seller, so I bought it have fun with it, the other two colors are more of my shades to be honest. I tried the pinkish nude on the right and it did really dry fast and I used one coat… it was fairly thick enough 😉 The nail polishes are selling at KWD3.500 each 😉 Check’em out

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